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Client Contract & Policies 


We are honored that you chose The Wonderland Works Company for your event! To ensure that your event is a success, please look over the information below, sign, and date the document stating that you understand all the terms. If you have any questions please contact us at





In most cases, except for high-booking requests during the prime season, or events booked within seven days of the event date, you will receive two separate invoices. The first will be for your deposit amount, the second will be for your remaining balance. You are able to pay the invoice right through your email with most major credit cards. Processing and Service fees may be attached based on your preferred method of payment. 



A non-refundable deposit must be paid in order to secure the Client's event date. The deposit must be paid within 48 hours of the invoice being sent. If the deposit is not received within 48 hours, the time slot will be given to the next interested booking. Your deposit amount is listed on your contract signature page. This deposit is non-refundable and covers the cost and work involved with the booking, fees, party planning, etc. that are completed prior to your booking date.



Client agrees to pay balance seven days before the event. We do not accept cash towards the balance due. Please process your payment via your emailed invoice as you did your deposit. Our performers will not handle cash towards your balance.



The package price does not include gratuity for the Performer. We recommend the standard 15-20% for a job well-done! Please ensure a child never sees the exchange of money. Performers may accept cash tips if they are discreetly presented.You may also send tips to @WonderlandWorksCo on Venmo with a designation of what character they are for.


Special Requests

We pride ourselves on customizing the event to be something as unique as your celebration. We do our very best to make all special requests you can imagine a reality, however some may require specialized skills or talent that will require a surcharge to be added to your final invoice.




Adults at Event

We ask that the parent(s) or guardian(s) of the birthday child please stay for the duration of the party to attend to the possible needs of the children. Adults are welcome to stay and enjoy the performance, but we ask that onlookers keep the noise level to a minimum so the children do not get distracted and can adequately hear instructions from the performer. 


Discipline and Non-Participation

The performer is responsible for the flow of the event and activities. The Client is responsible for monitoring disruptive behavior and attending to any child who does not want to participate. 


Additional Children

Each party has a recommended limit for the number of children in attendance. This allows for quality interaction and a stress-free performance from our characters. Client agrees that the number of children stated on the Booking Form is truthful as this allows The Wonderland Works Company to plan a party itinerary that will keep all children engaged and entertained for the entire booked time. If the number of children exceeds the disclosed number provided by the Client, the performer has permission to alter the itinerary of activities as she or he sees fit in order to complete the party within the agreed upon time. 


Time Commitment

Client understands that a timely departure is necessary in order for the performer to safely commute to his or her next event. The performer will not stay past the contracted time. In the unlikely event that the performer arrives late to the event, they will stay late at the end to make up for the missed time.



All activity options will be discussed and decided upon prior to the event. They must be finalized at least a week before the event occurs. The Wonderland Works Company purposefully over schedules your event so that the Performer never runs out of activities to play with the children. The Client is asked to prioritize activity requests and understands that the Performer will do as many activities as time allows. We ask that you also understand our performer will use their best judgment on when it is appropriate to go to the next activity. Sometimes children have their own agendas when a princess or hero arrives and we work diligently to make sure that ultimately it is they that have the most memorable experience possible. 


Changes to Party Start Time

Any changes to party start time are at the discretion of the business owner and are based on availability. Any changes must be made no later than a week before the party date. 


Changes to Party Length

Any changes to party length must be made no later than 1 week before the party and are at the discretion of the business owner and based on availability. Additional fees will be added to the final payment for elongated time commitments.




Cancellations & Rescheduling

In the case of severe weather or unforeseen circumstance or illness, The Wonderland Works Company reserves the right to reschedule your party. If a Client chooses to cancel a party due to weather or unforeseen circumstances or illness, the Client may reschedule the event for a date up to a month from the original event date based on availability. An event can only be rescheduled once. Deposits are non-refundable. 


Bad Weather and Winter Season Bookings

As we live in New England, the weather can sometimes foil our best plans! The Wonderland Works Company will always do everything they can to meet our end of the contract. If bad weather makes travel unsafe, part of your appearance money will be refunded and a zoom/facetime video will be provided instead. We will provide all services contracted for the in-person meet and greet as are possible virtually to make sure your child still feels the magic. You will have the choice to proceed with this virtual option OR reschedule your in-person event to a date the performers are available. Availability is not guaranteed but we strive to do our very best!



Though many of our characters love animals and even have animal sidekicks, all pets must be contained away from the party area.



We understand that accidents happen, however, the client may be held responsible for excessive damage sustained to costumes and property of The Wonderland Works Company during the Client's event. The cost to replace/repair damaged/broken costumes or materials will be billed to the Client. 



The costumes and property of The Wonderland Works Company are valuable and are not to be exposed to smoke of any kind. This includes smoke from incense, electronic cigarettes, vape pens, and fire pits.



Proper accommodations will be provided to the Performer. If rain occurs and the event has been scheduled outdoors, it is the responsibility of the Client to arrange for an indoor event, or appropriate and complete cover for the performer(s), or the entertainment will be canceled without refund of deposit. A chair for each Performer is required to be provided by the client as well as parking.



Client must inform The Wonderland Works Company of any allergies to food or products such as nail polish, latex, acrylics, temporary tattoos, or face paints prior to the event. Client understands that The Wonderland Works Company and the performer(s) are not responsible for any injuries or allergic reactions that occur at your event. 


Photo Release

Any photos taken are hereby signed as released to be used by The Wonderland Works Company for website, social media, and promotional use. Please tag us on Facebook and share to our page any photos of your event!



The Client agrees to hold and keep harmless The Wonderland Works Company and it’s Performers from any and all property damages and/or bodily injury damage caused by the Client’s guests. Client agrees to not hold The Wonderland Works Company responsible for inclement weather or other Acts of God that may cause cancellation of the event.



Our performers are trained to keep the safety of your guests in mind at all times. If ever there is a situation where the performer(s) feels unsafe, they will address the issue with the parent/guardian. If the issue is not resolved, the performer will leave. Payment is not refundable.



We do not represent Disney, Marvel, DC Comics, Warner Brothers, Lucas Film, or any company other than The Wonderland Works Company. Our characters are inspired by a variety of works, ideas, and literatures and are parody creations. Any resemblance to nationally known copyrighted characters is strictly incidental and unintentional. If you have any questions regarding this issue, we encourage you to contact us. Should you have the need for a licensed character at your event, we encourage you to contact the company/copyright holders for your specific desired character. 





Our entire team is completely vaccinated against Covid-19. Due to the upsurge of current positivity rates all of our characters are allowed per company policy to choose to mask at your event at any time. These masks are themed to their respective costumes.


In the case that a performer becomes ill with Covid or has been exposed to a positive case of Covid, we will cancel their appearance at your event.

  • If they were the only character attending, you will receive your full refund (including deposit).

  • If they were one of a group of characters attending, you will receive their appearance fee as a refund. 

    • If we are able to provide another character as a replacement, we will. In this instance no refund will be provided.


We will always be honest and disclose any exposures or positive results to you if one of our performers is at risk or diagnosed.


Please ensure that all guests attending your event have not recently exhibited any symptoms or experienced their own exposures. Please let us know if you hear after the event of exposure so that we may take care of our performer. 

By continuing with your Booking Finalization and selecting the agreement checkbox for our Terms and Conditions, you are attesting to having read this document and the policies therein. Thank you!

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